nickpatton0213Hi, my name is Nick Patton and I love stories.

My first published picture book story, NORBY THE COLLEGE MASCOT, debuted in 2013. Then in 2014 I started the Picturebooking Podcast, where I get to chat with the people behind my favorite books. At the end of 2015 the podcast joined the children’s book website All The Wonders. And so today I’m happily writing, drawing, painting and talking stories. It’s a good life.

Here’s a little history

My childhood was great. I spend summers playing baseball and winters drawing football players from my dad’s old Green Bay Packer yearbooks.

I had my fair share of struggles in school. With my skills in speech, English and math being below average. My hands still get sweaty thinking about reading aloud in class. But I always had my art.

I was lucky enough to be paired up with a student teacher who gave me an assignment I loved. To improve my English, I was to create picture book stories!

Years later as a college student I was asked to help illustrate a picture book for an education major’s class assignment. And as it turned out, I still loved making these stories. So my journey into the world of storytelling began.

Today I smile to myself when I get invited into a classroom to read. That little boy who would spend his day’s praying not to be picked to read is now going back into schools as a reading advocate.


I live in Northeast Wisconsin with my wife, Melissa, daughter, Lilah, and son, Elliott. My day job, as a senior designer, is with St. Norbert College, an amazing liberal arts school and my Alma mater.

I prefer titles like dad, husband and son over illustrator, author or designer. And I hope the choices I make with my time and work reflect that.

My Contact Information

I’d love to hear from you! We can talk stories or podcasting or podcasting about stories. Feel free to drop me a line on facebook or twitter.